Alex Commissaris

Both kids absolutely love it. Bubbles Gym staff just love children & are excellent with kids. Is one of the best weekly activities we have done in Singapore. I also notice that they are a lot stronger & getting more flexible.

Thank you.

Delia Mota

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches, especially those in the Monday 5-7pm class, who have been nothing short of inspiring and most instrumental in the development of Alexine's gymnastic prowess throughout her time spent at Bubbles Gym. Alexine always looks forward to her sessions at bubbles Gym and has shown fast improvement since she first begun just over a year ago. More importantly, she has maintained her interest and is constantly challenged to improve and perfect her techniques. Bubbles Gym coaches are good role models in imparting the skills of gymnastics within an organized structure of discipline, professional instruction and most importantly, fun. We look forward to another year of all that we appreciate at Bubbles Gym.

Thank you.

Lisa Ang

Ariel enjoys her sessions at Bubbles Gym very much. It's something she looks forward to every week.She enjoys learning new "Stunts", exploring the apparatus and loves her coaches. I feel that Bubbles Gym offers a nice balance between fitness & fun, gymnastics skills,some structure and social interaction. All well supervised and guided by enthusiastic & professional coaches.I find them very encouraging and fun-loving people in a multi-cultural environment!


Minerisa McCabe

Rhiannon and Tatiana McCabe attends the Recreation class, Shania McCabe attends the Kinder Gym class on Wednesday afternoons.The girls enjoy attending their respective Bubbles Gym sessions and although they have been with the program for less than a year, I have seen tremendous improvement in their gross motor development. I am happy that whilst they are having fun they are also developing skills necessary skills for their physical growth.And that is a five star for me!! Thank you to Bubbles Gym and staffs!

Many thanks.