Classes We Offer

Gymtots (Walkers - 3 yr old)



Is an introductory program specially designed for both parent & child. The class is kicked off with “free exploration” with assistance provided by professional coaches, followed by circle time which include warm up, song & dance, basic gymnastics skills & a circuit. Lastly, hand apparatus are introduce which are perfect for handye co-ordination, motor skills. Parents are encouraged to stretch during warm up too!!

Inclusive Gym (4 - 6 yr old)



Is catered specially for children with special needs with a low coach to student ratio. Participants will have opportunities to make new friends and develop social skills on top of other benefits like improving co-ordination, balance, muscle growth & much more! Classes are held during off peak hours so children can focus better.  We are passionate about providing gymnastics for all!!!  Participants must be independent for drop off & toilet trained.

Kindergym (3 - 6 yr old)



Is a program where children have their first taste of independence. It prepares them for their foundation in gymnastics. Children spend their hour by way of warm-up, 3 apparatus rotations & hand apparatus. Kindergym unleashes and encourages the inherent skills of children through gymnastics, developing them into creative, well-rounded bubbly individuals with good values.

Recreation (5 yr old & above)


Is the next level up from Kindergym. Having learnt the basics in Kindergym, the kids are taught more challenging and progressive skills. Focusing on techniques without compromising the fun aspect in this program.

Beginners For Girls & Boys (By invitation only)

Beginners For Girls _ Boys


In this high-energy programme, gymnasts attempt to master more complex & aerial skills a progressive approach with emphasis on strengthening, form & flexibility to help achieve the required skills.

Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate / Advance (By invitation only)

Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Advance


Is an advanced program where gymnasts have progressed from  Beginners program to a higher level of skill and are ready to move at a more upbeat pace. Combination of flips and somersaults will be taught without the competitive pressure & atmosphere.




Tumbling classes are perfect for cheerleaders, gymnasts who want to focus solely on their tumbling abilities. This class emphasizes safe and proper techniques for round-offs, back handsprings, tucks and more utilizing the trampoline, floor, and tumble track.

Developmental Squad (By invitation only)

Development Squad


Developmental Squad aims to prepare high potential athletes age 6 to 7.5, gymnasts will essentially be building their "competitve foundation" prior to entering Junior Squad. Preparation of foundation is instructed together with more intense strengthening and stretching (muscle conditioning) exercises.

Competitive Squad (By invitation only)

Competitive Squad


For gymnasts who aspire to progress their talent in gymnastics. We believe in the importance of emphasizing the foundation – GREAT "BASICS", GREAT GYMNAST. Our competitive program emphasize hard work, mental awareness, self discipline, and perseverance through a positive coaching environment.




We provide fun filled general gymnastics classes for preschools/kindergartens as part of their school curriculum. These programs are taught at our premises by qualified coaches. The children will be able to improve their gross motor skills in an enjoyable way.