Bubbles Gym Parties


Bubbles Gym Parties


Are jammed packed with games, relays and obstacles courses planned around your child's age and interests. Equipped with trampolines, bars, rings, balance beams, ball pit & loads of gym space, your child will have an extraordinary birthday experience! 

icon Party A - $550 (Members) / $600 (Non-Members) 1hr of organised activities with 30 mins of cake-cutting
icon Party B - $450 (Members) / $500 (Non-Members) 1hr of free play with 30mins of cake-cuffing
icon Party C - $500 (Members) / $550 (Non-Members) 1hr of organised activities only (without cake-cuffing)

Add-on charges that might be applicable

  • $150 for 3rd coach if the total number exceeds 16
  • $15 for every extra kid if exceed 20 but below 24 (not applicable due to covid-19 restrcition)
  • $100 for an extra 30mins of cake cutting or free play 

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